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Auto Zip Line with Harness

Auto Zip Line with Harness
Auto Zip Line with Harness
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Product Description

Auto Zip Line with Harness
The Auto Zip Line™ from Kurgo is the Safest and Easiest way to travel with your dog. You want to give your companion a flexible way to move around but keep him/her safe and restrained.

The Auto Zip Line™ is the easiest and most convenient safety harness and restraint system for your dog. A plastic coated tension cable simply attaches between the two rear passenger side handles, creating a tether run for the dog harness. The secured line also allows the dog the freedom of moving around in the backseat while providing safety in case of sudden stops.

The dog harness and leash integrate with the Zip Line allowing you to quickly transition from walking the dog to getting on the road.

Benefits: Protects you and your dog in case of vehicle accident. It is the simplest auto harness to use. It is also versatile - Use the Harness with the Zip Line, back seat belt or front seat belts.

Features: Use in Cargo area by hooking strap to floor anchor, use with seat belt by threading seat belt thru strap or use in front seat by looping around headrest posts.

Color: Black with Orange Details.

Kit Includes: Auto and Walking Harness, Auto Zip Line, Leash and Tether.

Sizes: The Small Auto Zip Line with Harness is for Neck Size 12”-20”, Chest Girth of 16”-22” and Weight from 10-25lbs.

The Medium Auto Zip Line with Harness is for Neck Size 16”-25”, Chest Girth of 18”-28” and Weight from 25-50lbs.

When measuring Chest Girth, measure behind dog’s front legs for girth. Harness should be snug but not restrictive. Allow for a finger to slide between the dog and the harness.

Fits ALL Vehicles: Sedans, Station Wagons, SUVs and Minivans.

Available only in Medium.

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